Last week on 18 - 22 May 2015

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We know you've been looking forward to our newsletter, so here we are, reporting on last week's events: we've added & featured 5 new start-ups that've the growing BuiltinNode family.

To sum up our week, here are our latest entries:

  • Muscula - Monitor your website for JavaScript errors
  • Onscribe - An elegant way to use online content. Whether you're a blogger or an artist, you work hard producing your content. And though it might be a labour of love, you deserve to get paid for your efforts.
  • Sourcey - Startup Developers and Consultants. Sourcey works with forward thinking startups to provide industry leading web development and cloud infrastructure solutions.
  • Unloq - Authentication. Authorization. Growth. We believe the passwords are the problem in themselves so we have developed a patent pending technology that offers the option for a service and its users to remove completely the need to remember, use and secure a password while providing much better security
  • Now It's Simple - 3 in 1 Node.js products. Full-featured and the most flexible Node.js CONTENT, ECOMMERCE & DOCKER MANAGER.

And the weekly reminders:

  • If you have Node.js vacancies, feel free to advertise them on our job board.
  • We also have an official blog and we would absolutely love to publish news and other worthwhile content you might want to send our way. We’ll be happy to blog about your startup’s milestones, or achievements of your company.

Have an excellent week!


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