Last Week on 25 - 29 May 2015

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How've you been doing? Did you start planning your summer holiday? June's here, so are we, updating you on the events of last week:  yes, we've added 5 new companies & startups to the growing list of #builtinnode entries:, Black Swan Horizons, Node,js World, Polinode & ciOne.

To sum up our week, here are our latest entries:

  • Offsite.Careers - Professional networking for people who want to work offsite in their careers. 
  • Black Swan Horizons - Software Consulting and Product Development in the area of Responsive Single Page Applications
  • Node.js World - This website can be very useful for all of us, you have a powerful Q&A with voting and reputation system, social networking (where we can interact, chat, follow each other, desktop notification.. etc), and categorizations that could facilitate easy navigation within the site.
  • Polinode - is a tool for analysing and collecting information on relationships between people. For example, who works with whom? Who do people go to for advice? And any other question you like
  • ciOne  - elearning platform

And the weekly reminders:

  • If you have Node.js vacancies, feel free to advertise them on our job board.
  • We also have an official blog and we would absolutely love to publish news and other worthwhile content you might want to send our way. We’ll be happy to blog about your startup’s milestones, or achievements of your company.

Have a sunny week!

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