Node.js vs. Java & .Net

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Faced with the challenging task of implementing a back-end server API generator for a large customer that wasn’t contempt with the Ruby on Rails deployment on production, AnyPresence adopted Node.js and Sails.js (MVC framework for Node.js). And for good reasons.

They came to the conclusion that Node.js’s features better suit both the clients’ and the developers’ requirements. Node.js allows for the later party to write JavaScript on both sides of the table: the client’s and the server’s, sustaining thus the time to market, maintenance and productivity.

Here’s why Anypresence chose Node.js in a nutshell:

  • Language neutralness: Node.js is generally accepted and understood by both Java and .Net camps;
  • Speed and a nonblocking I/O API: offering an event-driven architecture and a nonblocking I/O API, Node.js optimizes applications’ throughput and scalability.
  • The Sails.js framework was chosen for its permissive license, robust community, flexibility, and out of the box readiness in offering several capabilities by default.

But you don’t have to trust our word on it, read the whole original story here.

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