UNLOQ your users from the burden of password memorizing

2015-08-20 15:13:06 admin Startups News 0 Comments

Today we’re going to talk to you about one of our recent start-up entries and what wonders it does to the whole authentication process: UNLOQ.

UNLOQ is a robust authentication system created by developers for developers, designed to fit across a variety of devices. This app comes disguised as a widget, which can be embedded on a website and also has a companion mobile app that users will need in order to authenticate. The default authentication mechanism is a multi-factor system that uses out of band communication to authenticate a user.

Their initial release offers some cool features:

  • the default multi-factor authentication system with out of band communication. A user needs a verified phone, a PIN for the app and a finger print, in case the phone is set to unlock using biometric features.
  • alternative authentication methods: TOTP and e-mail
  • request TOTP on each login
  • estrict usage by setting up origin paths and timers

Find out more about their intentions and features and let’s spread the word about it, shall we?

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